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This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation, the Trump administration halts fetal-tissue research, which may have widespread implications for studies looking to find the cure to HIV. Meanwhile, Forbes features the CDC's new warning of impending global antibiotic resistance -- "one of the greatest public health challenges of our time". Finally, for our artistically inclined [...]

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This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation, dire warnings have been issued on antimicrobial resistance and the human-driven loss of species and habitats. With the future of the world in mind, here's a good reminder that science is a multidisciplinary team effort; for research to be truly impactful, scientists need to learn how to work [...]

LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation

This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation, we urge students and professionals alike to seek a little help from your friends - it's never too early (or too late) to form your ragtag band of personal advisors on your journey towards career success! As governments in North America debate slashing science funding, a small Southeast Asian country [...]

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LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation

This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation, the plot thickens for Huawei as top US universities now ban research funding from the Chinese telecommunications firm. On a brighter note, scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center successfully constructed an 'atlas' of HIV mutations to provide insights into improved vaccine design. Finally, maybe you're feeling a bit of [...]

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A Conversation on the Non-Academic Employability of Life Science PhDs

Written by Pailin Chiaranunt Universities worldwide award PhD degrees in the life sciences at an increasing rate, yet the number of tenure-track positions remains relatively constant (1). It is no surprise that pessimism about the oversupply and employability of PhDs has become an important talking point among graduate students. On top of that, as the [...]

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This week on LSCDS #ScienceNews, it's a great start to the year for Big Pharma powerhouse Bristol-Myers Squibb as they buy out Celgene for a whopping $74B! Meanwhile, researchers at FDNA, a Boston-based digital-health company, have developed an AI face-scanning app to detect genetic disorders. Finally, as we start the new year, let's keep in mind these management tips to optimize [...]

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LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation

For this week’s #ScienceNews and #Innovation, how are you feeling about that post-doc? According to this article, post-docs “have all the academic science skills you don’t need, and none of the organizational skills that you do". On a brighter note, mentorship is the key to success, be it in industry or academia. Read about these [...]

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LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation

This week in #ScienceNews and #Innovation, microbes are everywhere! First, Canadian researchers discovered a new kingdom of microbes on a hiking trip Neuroscientists make the controversial, but perhaps revolutionary, claim that our gut microbiota also live in our brains! Speaking of revolutions, these scientists are combining work and play to create new disciplines:  

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LSCDS #ScienceNews and #Innovation

Today, for our weekly LSCDS feature of #ScienceNews and #Innovation, we share some tips and perspectives from Y Combinator (the seed accelerator behind Dropbox) on working at a startup Got inspired? Then check out these four bioengineering project ideas that biophysicist Dan Fletcher believes can solve real-world problems within the next decade Last but certainly [...]